[eBook] Robotic Process Automation Made Easy

To understand Robotic Process Automation or RPA, we need to step back to a larger category of business technologies called Business Process Automation (BPA). For almost thirty years, BPA companies have offered technologies such as imaging (scanning applications that help convert paper documents into digital files) and workflow (to automatically route documents from step to step in a business process).

About five years ago, RPA entered the market as technology companies began using “bots” to log into applications and perform routine tasks, replacing the human effort previously required. As we look ahead to the next decade, Intelligent Automation (IA) appears to be next breakthrough BPA trend as companies begin to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further automate non- routine processes and more complex information.

In this ebook, you’ll find information on each of the following RPA 101 topics:

• What is RPA?
• Should you be using RPA?
• Will RPA eliminate jobs?
• Who is using RPA and what problems can RPA solve?