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Welcome to InvoiceStream

Revolutionizing Invoice Processing for Every Business

Introducing InvoiceStream from Polar Imaging – your portal to efficient, accurate, and streamlined invoice processing. Tailored for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, InvoiceStream offers a range of scalable solutions designed to transform your invoice handling. Embrace the future of invoicing with our service tiers, each meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and growth stages of your business.

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Per month, billed Annually

Key features

Number of Invoices you can process per month:   200

User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies management of the invoice process.

Machine Learning and AI: Enhances data extraction accuracy over time.

Data Extraction: Captures invoice details.

Automatic Data File Export: Exports data to a file that can be imported into your accounting application

Export of Processed Invoices:  Allows for saving, sharing, and downloading processed invoices in image formats for up to 30 days after processing.



Most Popular

Per month, billed Annually

Starter Plan+

Number of Invoices you can process per month:   500

Approvals and Routing: Allows invoices to be routed and approved (limited to 3 additional users)

Error Detection and Handling: Identifies and flags invoice discrepancies.

Data Validation: Validates invoice details.

Duplicate Invoice Detection: Prevents duplicate invoice payments.



Best Value

Per month, billed Annually

Growth Plan+

Number of Invoices you can process per month:   750

GL Coding: Enables manual GL coding of invoices for expense categorization.

Auto GL Coding: Assigns GL codes automatically based on business rules.

Customizable Workflows: Adapts to organizational invoice processing needs. Unlimited Approvals.


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Per month, billed Annually

Advanced Plan+

Number of Invoices you can process per month:   Unlimited

Reporting and Analytics: Provides financial insights and efficiency analysis.

Data Correction: Expert human review for precise, accurate document entries.

Integration Capabilities: Integrates with existing financial systems.

Document Management and Storage: Provides secure storage and retrieval of invoices with retention policies

Dedicated Customer Support and Training: Specialized support and training for your team.

Custom plans can be integrated with major ERP systems, including:

Why Choose InvoiceStream

Empower Your Business with InvoiceStream

Each InvoiceStream plan is designed to minimize manual effort and maximize your business efficiency. With our advanced features like machine learning, customizable workflows, and expert data correction, you’ll experience a level of invoice processing that sets new industry standards. Our commitment to financial efficiency and accuracy makes InvoiceStream not just a service, but a vital partner in your business’s growth. Join InvoiceStream today and equip your business with the tools it needs to excel in the digital age.

Easy Beginnings: Signing up for InvoiceStream is a straightforward process. Simply choose the Plan that best fits your needs and let us handle the rest. With InvoiceStream, you’re not just optimizing your invoicing process – you’re unlocking a new realm of operational efficiency and accuracy.