[ebook] Making Record Retention Easy


Does your organization have a formal, written, records retention policy in place? In many industries, organizations are unsure of what they should or shouldn’t be keeping and by default, many just keep everything. However, keeping it all is not good records management. If your organization is ever involved in litigation or a regulatory inquiry where you have to produce the information you need to be able to quickly and securely access your data.


If you cannot produce the records the court requests you can be held liable. Without a formal records retention policy in place that explains the reason for destroying documents, you can be also be held accountable for records that you are unable to find.


In today’s complex business environment, a comprehensive records management program with processes that are consistent, repeatable and auditable is a crucial component to the overall success of any organization. Thanks to advances in technology a records retention policy is easy to setup and maintain with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, such as ImageSilo® or PaperVision® Enterprise. In just five easy steps your organization can ensure compliance, improve security, and save money.




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