Document Scanning Services

Fast. Secure. Professional. High Volume.

Whether you need scanning services for a big project or you need regular digitization of your company’s records, our reliable scanning services are exactly what you need for your business.

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“Partnering with Polar Imaging made for a smooth implementation process. They understand the business aspect as well as the technology which brought a lot of value to the project.”

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The Document Scanning Process

Document Pick-Up

We come to pick up your files and transport them to our secure facility, allowing you to reclaim your office space!

Document Sorting

When your boxes arrive at our secure scanning facility, they are sorted, logged, and barcoded to track the progress of your documents every step of the way. If you need a document, we can quickly deliver it to you electronically, giving you continuous access to your files.

Document Preparation

The first step of the process is preparing the documents for scanning. We go through every document in every box to ensure that staples and paper clips are removed as well as fix any dog ears. Barcodes are inserted to automatically create document breaks during scanning.

Document Scanning

We use high quality, high volume scanners with the latest image enhancement technology. Our scanning technicians are trained to look for flaws such as lines, corners, and double feeds to ensure top quality.

Document Indexing

Each document is then named as per your requirements, we call this indexing. We can index each document in anyway you wish to retrieve it, whether it be patient name, work order number, file name – anything.

Quality Control

Each scanned image is viewed by a quality control technician to ensure proper image quality. If image quality is in question, the image is flagged for review/rescan. This ensures we have captured the best image possible without any flaws.

Secure File Upload

We can provide the files in any format you need to integrate with your system. If you don’t have a document management system we can provide you with one as well! Scroll down to find out more.

Document Destruction

At the end of the whole process, with your signed off approval, we purge all the paper documents. If for any reason you want to keep the original files, we can accommodate that and get them all back to you!

Giving Us a Test Run Is Easy

Send us a box of your documents and we will walk you through the entire process from start to finish answering questions you may have along the way. We can then tweak the final product until your documents are digitized exactly as you need them.

If you’re not fully satisfied with what we can do for you, no worries. You have absolutely no obligation to continue using our services and you get to keep your scanned documents for free.

Why Choose Polar Imaging?

Is Security a Concern?

For nearly 20 years, Polar Imaging has been the trusted name for small organizations and multi-million dollar enterprises alike. We’ve helped create and manage millions of digital files and built a reputation for professionalism and trust.

Does Experience Matter to You?

From hospital records to financial documents, Polar Imaging has created and managed every type of digital file possible. We have experience in scanning:

  • Finance & accounting files
  • Employee records
  • Student records
  • Applications, resumes and recruitment forms
  • Blueprints and drafting documents
  • Oversized documents
  • Medical charts and patient files
  • Doctors’ handwritten patient notes
  • Much more!

Do You Want it Done Right?

Scanning important and irreplaceable documents means you need highly trained personnel and specialized equipment. Polar Imaging has everything you need already in place and ready to go. Outsourcing your scanning needs will save you time, money and stress.

How Else Polar Imaging Can Help?

File Management 

Our very own management software helps you keep all of your files organized and easy to find. Specially designed for businesses in mind, our software can be fully customized to fit what your business needs most. You can also choose to host our software on your own server or in our secure cloud. 

Learn more about how our management software can help you here.


Make your scanning project more affordable!

When a client begins the process of digitizing all paperwork, they find they have a huge backlog that can overwhelm the business but also the budget. With our Scan-To-Zero service, you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. 

Simply set your monthly budget and we will scan your documents within that budget each month all while storing them in our secure facility for your convenience. Before long, you’ll have everything digitized and organized without the overwhelming up-front cost.

Data Analysis

Don’t have time or manpower to go through your documents to decide what should get pitched and what should get scanned?

Our team of experts can go through your mountains of paperwork for you. We will go through each document and sort what should be kept and what should be destroyed based on your reported retention schedules. Let us make sense of it for you!