Moving from paper-based processes to an electronic document management system can be a daunting task. Many people ask themselves, “What do I need?” “How much should it cost?” “What can I expect?” “Do I need IT personnel to implement one?” Those are just a few of the many questions asked when it comes to going paperless in your office.

Polar Imaging can help in more ways than one! We have a number of solutions, one or more geared for your unique needs. Focus on managing your business and let your service provider manage your business solutions.

Scanning Services

Conversion of paper files is a large, time-consuming task requiring specialized skills, equipment and software, not to mention time and resources.

Microfilm Services

Polar Imaging has the ability to convert source media, paper files, bound books/ledgers and large format paper to roll microfilm and microfiche.

Mailroom Services

Polar Imaging’s Mailroom Services alleviate the burden and costs associated with tedious mail processing all while increasing compliance and security.

Cheque Scanning

Accurate cheque scanning, automated cheque processing and a centralized information system allow you to save money and build confidence with compliance.

Forms Processing

The Forms Magic technology contains the only Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine available in the document management industry.

Capture Software

Bring an unprecedented level of efficiency and power to information capture. Work with everything, implement any process and track what you need.