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In the dynamic world of business, efficient document management is key. Welcome to ScanBoxPro, where digitization meets innovation. Our full suite of services is crafted for simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, perfectly aligning with your business needs. With ScanBoxPro, you can confidently manage your documents, knowing they will be handled with precision and care.

After digitization, opt for the secure destruction of originals or choose to have them returned. With ScanBoxPro, we believe in providing solutions that are not just services but partnerships, designed to enhance your operational efficiency and offer peace of mind.

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Key features

Basic Scanning: High-quality digitization of documents with efficient scanning technology.

Image Clean-Up: Advanced processing to enhance the clarity and readability of scanned images, ensuring high-quality results.

Indexing: Systematic organization of scanned documents for easy retrieval, including tagging and categorization features.

Customized Export: Flexibility in exporting scanned documents to various formats tailored to your business needs.

Secure FTP Transfer: Safe and secure transfer of scanned documents via FTP, ensuring data privacy and integrity.


Sign up for 1, 5, 10, or 15 boxes per month

Essential Plan+

Document Preparation: Professional preparation of documents for scanning (up to 2 hours per box), ensuring optimal quality and accuracy. 

Extended Indexing: Comprehensive indexing for up to 75 files per box, facilitating better organization and quicker access.

Enhanced Export Options: More advanced export capabilities, offering a wider range of formats and customization for your business needs.


Sign up for 1, 5, 10, or 15 boxes per month

Plus Plan+

Extended Indexing Capacity: Indexing capabilities expanded to up to 150 files per box, accommodating larger volumes of documents.

Advanced QC & Rescan: Rigorous quality control processes with the option to rescan to ensure the highest quality of digitized documents.

Full-Text OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Advanced OCR technology to convert documents into editable and searchable data.


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Advanced Plan+

Tailored Digitization Process: Fully customized scanning and digitization processes to meet specific business requirements.

Specialized Image Processing: Advanced image processing techniques suited to unique document types and quality demands.

Custom Indexing Solutions: Bespoke indexing systems designed for specific organizational needs and document types.

Specialized Data Integration: Integration of digitized data with existing business systems and workflows.

Personalized Customer Support: Dedicated support tailored to your project’s specific needs and challenges.

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Effortless Monthly Subscriptions: Tailor your plan with our 3, 5, or 10 box options, each catering to different document volumes for streamlined budgeting and predictable costs.

Expertise Without Extra Staffing: Enhance your team’s productivity by freeing them from the burdens of document digitization. Trust in our expertise to manage your scanning needs without the necessity of additional hiring.

Core Advantages: With ScanBoxPro, you gain controlled spending, operational efficiency, resource maximization, and the guarantee of secure, professional handling of your documents.

Flexible Plan Selection: Customize your experience with our Essential, Standard, or Plus packages, each designed to meet the varying needs of your business.

Getting Started is Easy: Sign up for ScanBoxPro today and experience the efficiency and security of professional document management. Choose us for a partnership that redefines document digitization with unmatched precision and care.