Make your scanning project more affordable!

What is Scan-to-Zero?

This is a new take on the traditional scanning process. Instead of having all your files scanned immediately with a large upfront cost, we spread it out over a time period that works for your budget. We take all of your files and store them at our secure facility at the start of the project to free up your office space. We then scan your files every week amounting to a predetermined monthly budget set by you. Once everything is scanned, you have all your files available without having to pay to store it!

Read our case study to see how we implemented Scan-to-Zero for a local medical clinic!

As your paper volumes reach zero, so does your invoice!

Why not just store my documents?

  • When you store your files, you pay for it indefinitely.
  • When you scan your files, you only pay until everything is scanned.
  • Storing your files means they just keep accumulating.
  • This makes it more time consuming to find the right file when you need to and storage places can charge hefty fees to retrieve your files.
  • Digitizing them helps you save time and money and it makes finding the right file instant and effortless.

What if I need a file before it gets scanned?

  • You will still have complete access to all your files after you send them to us. You tell us what file(s) you need and we will get it to you right away.

Are there any financing fees or interest?

  • There are no such fees
  • This service is not the same as financing
  • Typically with financing you get the whole service up front, then pay for it over a few months
  • With Scan to Zero, we don’t scan everything up front, we only scan however much your budget allows for, therefore there are no added fees!

What happens to my files once they’re all scanned?

There are two options:

  • Usually we purge the paper documents 30 days after we scan them with your signed off approval
  • If you prefer, we can return all of your paper files to you after we scan them.

Give us a try!

  • Transitioning to digital documents can be intimidating. You probably have a lot of questions about the process. The best way for you to understand our scanning service is to experience it first hand. That’s why Polar Imaging offers a no-obligation trial.
  • Send us one box of your documents and we’ll walk you through our entire process from start to finish answering questions you might have along the way.
  • We can tweak the final product until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome
  • If at the end you still aren’t happy with the results at least you’ll be one box closer to digitizing your documents and there is absolutely no obligation to continue 
  • Doing a Proof of Concept will give you a clear understanding of how easy Polar Imaging can make the process and the level of quality you can expect when working with us!

Not Interested in a Trial?

If you would like to receive a quote to get a better idea of what your project will look like or would simply like to get more information about our scanning services click the link below!

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