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2020 has been quite the roller coaster of a year. No one predicted a global pandemic coming upon us, yet we all came together and braced through it. While this year brought a lot of hardships for many people and businesses, there were also some positives that came out of it. We wanted to take a moment to look back through the more major events that we were a part of and to try and focus on more of the positive impact that they had upon our community.

ClinicalConnect Integration

The year started off on a great note for us. Our Integration with Clinicalconnect was finalized and implemented at Woodstock General Hospital which was the first site to receive it. This integration had been in the works for a couple of years which made it that much more exciting when the project was completed. Being able to integrate with ClinicalConnect allows our clients to access their scanned medical records from ClinicalConnects Healthcare Module. This helps better connect our communities throughout southwestern Ontario by allowing hospitals to access their patients files, no matter which hospital they visit. There are more sites scheduled to implement this integration, and we hope to further grow this list as time goes on. More details can be found here!

Emergency Mail Scanning Services

When the pandemic started, many businesses were faced with many new difficulties. A big one of those difficulties was needing files that were stuck in closed offices. As an essential business that was still open, we wanted to try and help out in the small ways that we could, so we started focusing more on mail scanning services. Increasing our production, allowed us to create more positions and hire from our community. This service takes any incoming paper mail, digitizes it and automatically routes it to the appropriate employee. This ensures that despite people not being in the office, they are still getting their files so they can work remotely. Alongside this, we’ve made all of our consultations free in order to help anyone who needs it.

The global pandemic took many businesses by surprise and showed them that they need to future proof themselves. Being in the scanning and automation industry, we feel it is our responsibility to educate the public on the advantages of digitization and how to get started. We’ve kept our consultations free going forward and have incorporated more basic versions of our services in order to make the transition to the digital world more feasible for more businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about our mail scanning services, you can find more information here!

Fujitsu Presents: AP Automation with Polar Imaging

At the beginning of the fall we decided to work with our partner Fujitsu, to put on a webinar showcasing our AP Automation Solution. We have a long standing partnership with Fujitsu and we can’t say enough good things about their products. When the opportunity came to work with them, it made perfect sense as we use their hardware in all of our scanning packages. There has never been a better time for AP Automation with so many companies moving to digital ways of doing their day-to-day activities. Our AP Automation solution is so highly customizable, that we can work with the smallest of businesses to the biggest of corporations. A webinar was a great way to give a visual presentation of our solution and that was made apparent by how well the presentation was received. We had some great promotions we were able to offer and we would like to extend those offers to our readers for the entire month of January 2021. To see the record of the webinar and see what promotions we had to offer, click here!

Woodstock ROI Award

We are very thankful that our year started to wrap up on a very positive note! Our client Woodstock General Hospital was chosen by Nucleus Research as a recipient of their ROI Award. Nucleus Research is a company that does fact-based industry analysis. They focus on ROI and measurable results to provide their research. This is very exciting and meaningful to us because we have worked with Woodstock since they first started their transition to the digital world. 

Woodstock Hospital worked hard over the past few years to enter the digital world by eliminating paper, automating manual processes and making day-to-day operations more efficient. This award carries a lot of significance because it looks into the public sector. Woodstock General Hospital implemented a solution that resulted in taxpayers money being saved while offering those same taxpayers a better level of service.

It was a very big positive to have this news come out, especially during these hard times. We are happy to be able to help out our surrounding community and we hope to continue with stories like these in the future. To learn more about it, check out CTV London’s coverage of it here!

Wishing for a better general year

One of the biggest challenges this year for many people was a sudden need to enter the digital world in many different ways. We have done our best to tailor our offerings in order to make that process easier for any one who is in need. As a recipient of Digitechs Circle of Excellence award, we strived to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible. We hope that with the new year we will be able to help educate many people on digitization while helping businesses start their transition away from paper into a more future proof way of doing business.  


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