Microfilming? That’s our specialty! We do it all and we do it better than anyone else!

Our Microfilm Services


We can microfilm your documents into any format you need: 16mm roll film, 35mm roll film, jacketed fiche, step and repeat microfiche or aperture cards. Polar Imaging has the ability to convert source media, paper files, bound books/ledgers and large format paper to roll microfilm and microfiche. The documents can be filmed at a variety of reduction ratios depending on your specific needs.


Need your microfilm roll or microfiche digitized? We do that too! Polar Imaging will prepare and scan the source documents, check them for quality and index via manual data entry and/or merging customer database fields. This makes documents easier and much quicker to access.


Our ST ViewScan 4 is the latest and greatest piece of equipment for for microfilm. It is a viewer and a printer all in one. The quality it offers is outstanding. If you would like to see all of its technical specifications and to read more about it, click here!

If you are looking for any maintenance/replacement parts for you microfilming equipment, contact our service department and let us know what you need!

See the difference!

The image on the left has been scanned with a low-end document scanner, similar to what a lot of companies purchase for their in-house scanning projects. You can see the image is blown-out and the text under the image is difficult to ready. The image on the right however, is crisp, more even in tone and clear. Each scanned image is viewed by a quality control technician to ensure proper image quality. If image quality is in question, the image is flagged for review/rescan. This ensures we have captured the best image possible without any flaws.


Want to see what this could look like for you?

Want to see what this could look like for you?

There’s No Obligation!

  • Contact us to find out how we can implement this solution into your company and what results you can personally expect to see!
  • Ask us about our NO OBLIGATION TRIAL where we take your files and run them through the Microfilm process so you can see an end result that is custom tailored for you! We can work with you to customize it until you’re 100% happy with the final product! At the end of the day if it isn’t the right solution for you, there’s is no obligation to sign up for the service!

Why Choose Us?

  • Microfilming is where it all began for us. Our staff in charge of microfilming has been doing it since the 70’s. The combination of our knowledge of the industry and our state of the art equipment means we can offer you the greatest service possible. We have clients as far as California who choose our services over everyone else’s!

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