Scan any document and output the data into any format you choose

Software/Formats supported includes, but not limited to the following:

Conversion of paper files is a time-consuming task requiring specialized skills, equipment and software

Whether you work in the records department in a hospital or accounts payable in a large manufacturing plant, we have over 30 years experience in document scanning and indexing.

By outsourcing your scanning, you’re able to concentrate on your core business activities without diverting personnel from their main roles. There’s no need to create the infrastructure necessary to input your critical documents to electronic format.

Our scanning services

Need scanning services for one project or ongoing scanning services to make sure you never fall behind on making your information electronic?
No problem, we have you covered. 


What Kinds of Documents Do We Scan?

  • Employee records
  • Applications, resumes and recruitment forms
  • Blueprints and drafting documents
  • Wide-format/over-sized documents
  • Medical charts/patient files
  • Doctor’s handwritten notes
  • Various mail items
  • And more!

The proof is in the pudding

Test drive our scanning services by completing a proof of concept using your own documents. We prepare, scan & index an entire banker box of your documents, based on your filing system. Once completed, we provide you with a formal quote.

Our expertise is setting the proper requirements to make sure that the process is extremely efficient. This not only addresses document capture but also your overall document management requirements, including how electronic files are managed for access & retrieval.

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