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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is your facility? How do I know my information is safe?
Our premises are protected by a twenty-four hour, seven day per week security monitoring system with controlled access, fire and intrusion alarms. This system ensures complete security for client files while a conversion is in process.
What options are available for transporting my files to you?

There are several options available. We use premiere shipping services that ship across Ontario. We track the shipment the moment it leaves your location until it arrives at our conversion service bureau. We use the largest carrier companies in Canada and we pass our outstanding rates along to you.

Alternatively, you can drop off your files or we can arrange to have a direct drive service setup.

What happens when my documents arrive at your facility? Are they kept separate from others?
When your documents arrive, the boxes are sorted, barcoded and logged into our production tracking system. Each shipment sent to our facility is treated as a project and is kept separate from all other projects that our operations team is working on.
What equipment is used on my documents?
We use high-end dedicated production scanners with image enhancement software, ensuring the best image quality. We use a wide variety of production class document scanners from Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak & Panasonic.
How does indexing work?
Indexing of your files can be done via zone optical character recognition (OCR), barcode or by manually entering data into key fields and merging customer databases.
What are your quality control processes?

100% of all images scanned are individually viewed for image quality in our QC process. Our QC process verifies that captured data has been scanned and indexed properly. If so, we rest easy. If not, our QC process provides a host of intuitive, manual and automated tools to render data precisely correct.

Our QC process offers an array of routines to guarantee the quality of scanned images. Using a thumbnail view, operators view images for overall quality. If any question should arise, images will be instantly viewed in fine detail. Problem documents are tagged for re-scanning.

Once overall image quality is achieved, our QC process perfects the index data. Operators perform index field validation and data reformatting. If invalid data is identified, QC will instinctively tag the document for an operator to verify and re-enter.

Our QC process allows automatic verification of acceptable image file size, image width and height, number of pages within documents and index field values. Any documents in the automated batch that do not meet the acceptable parameters are tagged for operator review.

Individuals handling your documents must log their name and the date/time of the action. Errors detected in later process steps are recorded, traced back, and analyzed to determine personnel, training, or process deficiencies. Implementation of corrective actions is immediate.

What if I need a document while it is being processed?

We provide recall of documents for emergencies during the project. Emergency requests can be faxed to a designated department or securely emailed to a pre-determined list of recipients. This ensures access to the records while they are in possession at our secure conversion facility.

What format do I get my digitized documents in?

Each one of our scanning solutions is custom tailored to your needs. After the scanning is complete, all of the electronic images are indexed so they are searchable and delivered back in your desired format.

What happens to my files after they have been digitized?

Once scanning is completed, we can deliver your data via CD, DVD, hard drive or SFTP. Polar Imaging also optionally encrypts the data and then you chose your preferred method for delivery.

Do you keep backups of my documents?

Once we have received a signed “Request for Authorization to Destroy” notice, all scanned copies of the images will be removed from our servers and you will be responsible to maintain and back up the electronic data, unless you provide us with written instructions for further storage.

We have an optional backup service, PI Recovery. PI Recovery offers an inexpensive, long-term backup & recovery plan your scanned data.

Do any third-parties have access to my documents?

We use stern effort and means to keep confidential information strictly confidential. We will not disclose the confidential information, in whole or in part, to any third party and use the confidential information solely for the purpose of providing document scanning services.

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