Get rid of pesky paper forms

Did you know to use, enter and process a single paper form can cost up to $165?

The costs really adds up when you multiply that across the number of forms you use and how often they get filled out. Now you can capture your data into an electronic, web-based form with PaperVision® E-Forms.

You’ll spend less time manually entering the information, improve control and security and save money on printing and storing paper forms.

In addition to simpler, faster business processes, companies are incorporating e-forms into information strategies. It’s overlaid onto an existing template image and stored as a document in the document management system.

DocuHub is powered by Digitech Systems' PaperVision

DocuHub E-forms

E-forms: Stop paper at it's source

e-Forms Allow You To:

  • Build forms simply using the built-in XML editor or import existing HTML forms
  • Automatically generate index values from the information entered by the user into the form
  • Utilize multiple HTML controls including text fields, drop-down fields, hyperlinks, signatures, and CAPTCHA
  • Boost your flexibility by uploading multiple attachments with a form, maintaining version controls
  • Make forms available on a public site or for internal users only
Find out how e-forms can save you time, money and the hassle of processing your forms.


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