Your employees never have to spend valuable time opening mail again

In today’s fast-paced, mobile world, the volume of mail still continues to grow exponentially

Our Mailroom Automation Services were designed to alleviate the burden and costs associated with tedious mail processing. Using document scanning and capture technologies, we automate the process of receiving, sorting and distributing all of your incoming mail through our automated workflow solution. Documents are automatically routed to specific users or groups, modernizing the way you do business.

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We make it easy for you to automate your mailroom. It’s a whole new, cost-effective, organized and efficient world!

Digital Mailroom Automation Services

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom:

  • Reduces the decision cycle by immediately notifying the designated person that there is a document that needs their attention
  • Facilitates the coordination of multiple staff activities surrounding the same document
  • Improves customer and vendor relations through quick response times
  • Eliminates paper-handling costs and wasted time
  • Ensures data tracking through audit trails
  • Increases compliance and security
  • Reduces the time between receiving and distributing documents
  • Reduces the occurrence of lost or misplaced mail
  • Saves businesses money through reduced paper needs and mailroom staff
  • Leverage early payment discounts and avoid late payment fees

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