Polar Imaging white papers and industry reports can help you make a decision on document management


Anarchy in your Inbox: A guide to Email Management

On a day-to-day basis, sorting through emails can be a dreaded, time-consuming, and unproductive task. Are you annoyed even now, just thinking about it? What’s the solution? Email Management! Find out how a simple email management system can save you time and money! Download this whitepaper and discover email management today!

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E-forms: Stop paper at its source

How many paper forms are you using a day? What about a week, month, or year? The cost of paper forms can quickly add up and we bet you feel the pain! Alleviate the sting with electronic forms (e-forms), a solution for cutting paper use and seeing big increases in efficiency, control, and money.

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E-Signatures: Essential for Paperless Processes

Thanks to the birth of electronic signatures, you can sign a document without having to print! With a few simple clicks you can sign a document and get it on its merry way. Plus, it’s safe and secure. What more could you ask for? This document will teach you everything you need to know about what electronic signatures are and how to add them to your ECM system.

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Get Your C-Suite on Board with ECM

You know the many benefits an Enterprise Content Management system can bring to your organization or department. You, and possibly many of your co-workers, are ready to move with the growing technologies available to make your job more efficient and less stressful. You’re ready for document management…but how do you get the decision-making executives on board? This whitepaper gives you tips on how to help you break through to the c-suite and get what you want!

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Seven Benefits of Using an Experienced Service Bureau for Your ECM

Moving from paper-based processes to an electronic document management system can be a daunting task. This whitepaper goes through seven benefits of using a service provider for Enterprise Content Management as opposed to implementing a stand-alone system.

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Six Features to Look For in an ECM Solution

When it comes to choosing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or document management solution for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help make your decision easier. These six features are ‘must-haves’ for any business looking into an ECM solution to improve their business processes.

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The Five W’s of ECM

This white paper focuses on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and will take you through the five w’s (who, what, where, when, and why) in order to provide you with the basic knowledge of ECM and how it can benefit you and your business or department.

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Industry Reports

Nucleus Research: Content Management returns $7.50 for every dollar spent.

Analysis of Nucleus Research Content Management case studies shows that for every dollar a company spends on content management, it gets back an average of $7.50.

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