AP Automation Using the BAASS Bridge

Our AP module allows for an automated exchange of all AP documents uploaded in real time into your Sage 300 software using the BAASS Bridge

  • This means that there is no work to be done on your end
  • Our application is built around your specific business process
  • Our module takes care of the tedious and repetitive work so your employees can focus on more complex task

To see how it works, watch our In-depth explainer video:

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In Depth Look at AP Automation

What is it exactly?

Our AP Automation module is a way to handle your accounts payable documents electronically. Our solution uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks that are currently being done manually. This helps make your department more efficient by eliminating paper, repetitive tasks and reducing errors.

We can automate the routing of invoices, the coding of invoices and the approval. Our software can match against purchase orders, as well as shipping documents. Employees can be as involved in the process as you’d like them to be or the system can offer automation for every step.

Our system can be customized to your specific business environment. No two systems will be the same since every business is so unique. At Polar Imaging we offer demos following your routing rules and processes in order to ensure you get an authentic idea of what our system feels like.

How does it work?

Our AP Automation module works based on your business rules. Almost any task that your are currently doing which follows a certain rule can be automated using artificial intelligence.

We use capture software to extract data from invoices and then put it into the AP module for routing.

Based on the data gathered, the invoice can be routed based on amounts to different employees for approval. The invoice can be coded automatically or sent to a specific coder to enter the information by hand.

Once final approval is given, the data is automatically sent and loaded into your Sage system. For a more visual demonstration, check out our explainer video!

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