Polar Imaging Reseller Story

A Digitech Systems Case Study

Polar Imaging Creates Intelligent Business Processes With PaperVision

Polar Imaging, Inc. is based in London, Ontario, Canada. Starting as a microfilm business, they moved to selling scanners and scanning services, before becoming a Digitech Systems reseller in early 2001. Now, thanks to expanding their offerings to include the entire PaperVision® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite, Polar Imaging has evolved from selling scanners and scanning services, to helping organizations streamline business processes by using automation and integration. Since becoming a Digitech Systems value-added reseller (VAR) in 2001, they have consistently increased revenue and their customer base thanks to offering automated solutions and custom integrations.

Business Goal

In 2002, after showing growing interest in the family business, Steve Todd earned an important role in the company, the Director of Business Development. In this new role, Steve had the responsibility to implement ideas that would grow the company. Over the years, Steve has become an expert in the document management industry watching different trends come and go. He jumped at the opportunity to help customers and grow the business through automation. Today, the document management industry is shifting from digitization-only to business process automation (BPA) enabled by electronic business records. Now, organizations are looking to reduce costs by implementing Intelligent Automation (IA) technology to automate and manage the flow of information through their unique business processes. This technology has the capability to automatically route documents from step to step through different workflows, such as invoice approvals. He needed to ensure his product lineup could meet the process automation needs of his customers. “I realized that the needs of businesses was evolving from digitization to automation so we knew we had to expand our sales strategy to meet this new need because we didn’t want to be just a scanning service bureau,” said Steve.

The Digitech Systems Solution

Polar Imaging has evolved with the industry and their customer’s needs by expanding their offerings to include the entire PaperVision ECM product suite. They offer scanning services, workflow services, cloud and on-premise ECM, and forms processing. They recent have started offering custom solutions that focus on intelligent automation, especially in the accounts payable (AP) and healthcare industries, has allowed them to increase their customer base and grow revenue year after year.

Polar Imaging helps businesses automate processes using PaperVision® Capture to digitize paper-based documents. They also offer PaperVision® Forms MagicTM, which can automatically extract the important data from documents to populate index values and create a database of information to send to integrated applications—virtually eliminating manual data entry for their customers. PaperVision® WorkFlow helps their customers automate business processes like document approval.

Steve mentioned that the flexibility of the entire product suite has been instrumental to closing more deals since they can integrate with essentially any business application a customer need.

“There is almost nothing that cannot be done using the integration capabilities of the PaperVision product suite. The PaperVision engine is so robust and can leverage the architecture in any business
situation, helping connect existing line-of-business applications simply and seamlessly. PaperVision
provides businesses with secure access to information, when employees need it.” said Steve

Business Value to Polar Imaging

Currently, they use PaperVision® Capture in-house to digitize paper files and have built an automated mailroom services for their clients to help in accounts payable processing. Steve mentions, “We have a client that processes 90,000 invoices annually and we were able to automatically classify, sort and extract the data they need from the invoices. After implementing a solution like that, there isn’t anything we can’t do!” Using PaperVision® Capture in-house has been a critical in helping them increase revenue annually by at least 15%.

Adding the complete PaperVision product suite has enabled Polar Imaging solve unique business problems they couldn’t before, helping increase their customer base by 566% since becoming a reseller, while maintaining a 90% customer retention rate. Steve credits this success to their unique business model. “We take a consultative approach. We take the time to learn and understand the problem the customer is trying to solve. We learn what the business need is and then figure out the products that will help solve this problem. Every solution we customize to the unique needs of that customer. We wouldn’t be able to take this approach without the flexibility of the PaperVision product suite.”

One of Steve’s favorite things about being a Digitech Systems reseller is how short the sales cycles are. Thanks to their ability to offer complete and customizable solutions to clients they are able to close a high percentage of their deals. “We close on average 85% of the deals we work on and I credit this to the fact that the software is so easy to use and implement.”

The flexibility and simple integration capabilities of PaperVision allows Polar Imaging to easily integrate with customers’ existing Line-of-Business (LOB) applications, helping streamline their business processes without having to completely change the way they do things. They can integrate Digitech Systems products with various accounting applications such as Sage Intaact and QuickBooks, as well as NorthScope ERP, and even with patient care portals in the Healthcare industry. Integrating with existing LOBs helps their customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Today, Polar Imaging continues to steadily grow, and Steve thinks it’s because of their relationship with Digitech Systems. “Digitech Systems products have consistently exceeded our needs and allowed us to have unbelievable growth over the years.” We’re very loyal to Digitech Systems. They support our business, and we support theirs. We always lead with our brand name, but the ECM technology and great technical support behind our name are all Digitech Systems.” How can Polar Imaging help you streamline business processes?

About Polar Imaging

We provide organizations with only the best document management solutions, scanning, equipment, and professional services in the industry. We do this to help strengthen our communities and our economy.

Our aim is to educate businesses on document management and imaging and to show them how to reach their overall business goals using innovative business technologies.

Having the ability to customize our solutions tailored to your specific requirements is something we feel is unique to us. Our solutions are adaptable and address the needs of not just one department, but virtually any department you need a solution for!

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