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Often times when you hear of document scanning services you probably think “we can do that ourselves.” In theory it does sound simple. You probably already have some type of scanning equipment, so how hard can it be?

Here is a look at our scanning process and why you should outsource it:

  document scanning, polar imaging inc.1. When your boxes arrive at our scanning facility, they are sorted, logged, and barcoded so we are able to track the progress of the project every step of the way. While your documents are in our possession, if information is needed, we can have your documents quickly delivered to you electronically, making sure you always have access to your files.

2. The first step of the process is getting the documents prepared for scanning.  We go through every document in every box to ensure that staples and paper clips are removed as well as fix any dog ears. Barcodes are inserted to automatically create document breaks during scanning.

3. We use high quality, high volume scanners (130 pages per minute) with the latest image enhancement technology technology. Our scanning technicians are trained to look for flaws such as lines, corners, and double feeds to ensure top quality.

4. After each box is scanned it undergoes a thorough quality control review. Each image is viewed by a second quality control technician to inspect image quality. If image quality is in question, the image is flagged for review / rescan. This ensures we have captured the best image possible.

5. Each document is then named as per your requirements, we call this indexing. We can index each document in anyway you wish to retrieve it, whether it be patient name, work order number, file name – anything.

6. Next we review the quality of the indexing for appropriate format and spelling. For many jobs we also review the first and last page of each document to ensure two separate documents aren’t merged together.

7. Lastly, we export the documents in any format you’d like. Whether you use Laserfiche, FileBound, Hyland OnBase, SharePoint, or simple PDF’s, we can provide the format you need to integrate with your system.

When you outsource to Polar Imaging, there is accountability, guaranteed quality, and you only pay for the work performed. With outsourcing you also avoid some of the costs that are often overlooked such as, investment in scanning equipment and software, equipment downtown, extra IT personnel, the time it takes to prep and index documents, and unforeseen errors that occur with lack of experience in handling paper documents. Contact us today for a free consultation. SaveSave


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