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Our Bundles are more than a solution, they are a way forward

Using our services isn’t only a solution to a need that emerges, it is a way forward. What does that mean you might ask? Well, in this blog we will break down how some of our most successful clients came to us because they had visions of a more efficient future for their company. 

Oftentimes, we find that new customers are coming to us because they recently realized that they had a problem come up (a need) and we are able to help them solve it (we have the solution). Sometimes this problem is simply that they are running out of space. Other times it can be that their AP department is having a hard time manually keeping up with processing all of their invoices. Regardless of what the problem might be, the client realizes that our solutions are available only when they realize they have a problem. 

Some of our clients that had the most success with our services, were the ones that came to us with a vision of making their day to day business activities more efficient. They are the ones that saw the potential of the full digital office and were eager to get it all implemented. Our solutions are all pieces of a puzzle that work together. Individually, they are great solutions for specific needs and to help gain efficiencies in certain areas. However, when they are all paired together, those efficiencies increase exponentially. Not only do they help save time, money, and decrease the likelihood of human error, they also help employees be relieved of certain tedious tasks so that they can focus on the more challenging yet rewarding ones. 

The first step in successfully creating a digital office and moving to a more efficient way of conducting daily business operations, envision how your team and organization could operate more efficiently and set yourself some goals. Once those details are worked out, we have the expertise to make sure our products are working to their full potential for your specific goals. When all the pieces are put in place, customizing it for you is the fun part. Seeing it all come together is a unique and rewarding experience for any business. Going forward it will make your whole team appreciate the efforts and the system.

What might a full solution look like? 

Fully eliminating paper: 

  • We would start by implementing a “scanning station” where you can scan all paper based files as they come in on a daily basis. 
  • This scanning station consists of a scanner and the necessary scanning software for proper indexing and efficiency. 
  • We can help implement your own barcodes so the capture software can automatically index all fields from the barcode, eliminating human error and reducing time. 
  • With the capture software, already existing electronic documents can be better indexed in order to make all digital files easier to manage. 
  • Next step would be to implement an electronic document management system where all files, projects, etc. can be easily managed and controlled. 
  • With an electronic document management system, it makes it much easier and more efficient than managing individual folders. 
  • A proper electronic document management system can manage all types of documents (PDFs, Word Documents, JPEGs, etc.) and provides different levels of access and security based on individual users.
  • Managing electronic documents in their native format is a major key to being paperless, companies need to stop generating paper by doing things like printing these documents
  • This system can be hosted locally or in the cloud depending on your preference. 
  • Workflow and Automation rules can be implemented to assign and send documents automatically to different employees or departments based on different parameters. 
  • AP Automation can be implemented as well if necessary, allowing for all files to be easily managed from one convenient location. 
  • Finally a backlog of paper files can be sent to us for scanning as this is often the most time consuming and difficult portion to do. Having a conveyor belt process at our facility allows us to minimize time and cost and pass those savings onto you. 
  • Backup and recovery services are also available to guarantee your electronics are safe and secured!

If you’d like to learn more about our offerings or if you’re interested in hearing some of the success stories from our clients, shoot us an email or give us a call as we’d be happy to chat with you. We offer free discovery consultations and we can help you plan from the very beginning!


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