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Another successful annual golf tournament for Woodstock Hospital Foundation

For the 8th year in a row, Polar Imaging Inc. has helped sponsor the annual Woodstock Hospital Foundation’s Charity Golf Tournament. This year marked the 21st annual tournament for the hospital’s foundation, finally breaking the $50,000 in donations! Every year the hospital raises more and more money, this year the total donations were over $51,000.

The money raised by this tournament goes directly towards helping Woodstock Hospital’s patients. This year the new funds are being used to buy a new disinfection system that will allow staff to easily and confidently disinfect hospital rooms with ultraviolet light. The portable unit will be used after staff have completed their regular discharge cleaning, to kill any pathogens or common healthcare associated infections using UV light. This new system will play an integral role in increasing patient safety, by decreasing the likelihood of hospital acquired infections.

Polar Imaging is proud to be a sponsor of such a great event! Polar Imaging works with many hospitals and local clinics, and is very involved in the healthcare industry.

“Supporting local events in our local Southwestern Ontario community is very important to us. This tournament is a really fun occasion hosted by some wonderful people for a great cause. It has been a great pleasure to sponsor this event for the past 8 years. We look forward to being able to sponsor it again next year and to do as much as we can to help!”

– Steve Todd, Director of Business Development

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