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Since going through all of your files and counting the pages would be extremely time consuming, we have a few ways for you to get a fairly accurate estimate of your volumes. After being in this business for so long, we have some pretty good averages you can use to help your estimates.

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Banker Boxes

The most common way for people to store their documents is in banker boxes. A standard banker box is 10” tall x 12” wide x 15” long and it usually fits around 2500 pages.



Filing cabinets (in general) come in two typical sizes: 24” and 33” drawers. Filing cabinets with 24” drawers usually fit around 4200 pages per drawer. Filing cabinets with 33” drawers usually fit around 5800 pages per drawer. Filing cabinets usually have up to four drawers, although there are exceptions.



If you store your files on a shelf, those vary widely in size. The best way to estimate the amount of paper on a shelf is to measure it and use 175 pages per inch as a benchmark. Usually, when files are all packed together, it amounts to 175 pages per inch in our experience.


Using inches of filing space is the easiest way to estimate how many files you have matter how you are storing them. If you have a measuring tape, find out how many inches the box, drawer, shelf, or whatever else you may be storing your files on, and use 175 pages per inch for your estimate. This will make it super easy for you to find out how many pages you will need to have included in your document scanning project!


Once you have your files estimated, click here to receive a quote to have all of those files digitized!




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