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People often over look the Mailroom Automation service. It is a great complement to any AP automation project!

How it works

We first step up a PO box dedicated to receiving the invoices from your company. We also set up email routing for any invoices that are received electronically. Each day we retrieve both the paper and electronic invoices and either scan or import them into our system. We index each invoice by your specifications, perform quality control checks, and route them electronically to a specific destination you decide. Each invoice is returned to you fully indexed, ready to be imported into your accounting system, within 24 hours of receipt.

This broad overview is completely customizable depending on your company structure and needs. For example, one of our customers has numerous offices all over the United States and we electronically route each invoice to the appropriate office for further processing.

Benefits of using Mailroom Automation

The tedious and time consuming tasks associated with paper invoices such as, opening envelops, sorting, scanning, and hand keying data, will be eliminated. By the time the invoice is sent to you it will be ready to load into your accounting software. There is also no need for additional scanning equipment.

Our Mailroom Automation can be used as a stand alone service or can be the first step of an automated AP solution. The pricing for Mailroom Automation is on per invoice basis, meaning you only pay for the invoices that we process.

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