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Innovative IT strategy recognized with ROI Award.

LONDON, ON, November 24, 2020 When Woodstock Hospital wanted to find a way for medical staff to instantly view Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and paper medical files side-by-side electronically, they turned to Polar Imaging for help. 

The London-based information management company came up with an innovative solution. 

By integrating PaperVision® Enterprise, from their partner Digitech Systems, with PaperFlow, Polar Imaging enabled Woodstock Hospital to convert paper-based medical records to electronic files and integrate them with existing EHRs. This allowed the hospital to securely scan, store, and access all patient medical records electronically, resulting in enhanced patient care and significant cost savings. 

Polar Imaging’s solution helped Woodstock Hospital achieve a 258% ROI with a payback period of only 3 months. 

The strategy was recognized by Nucleus Research, which selected Woodstock Hospital as a 2020 ROI Award winner. The annual award recognizes companies whose technological deployments deliver extraordinary business results. 

“It started with a simple concept of making records securely available instantly to anyone who required access,” says Polar Imaging Director of Business Development, Steve Todd. “As simple as the plan was in theory, there were many moving parts that needed to be accounted for before execution. This is the perfect example of investing in great technology that almost immediately paid for itself.” 

Not only has the hospital recuperated their investment, but it will continue to see cost savings in future due to increased operational efficiencies. The investment is also paying off for patients, as medical staff now have instant access to medical records, which reduces wait times. 

“Patient records are readily accessible with PaperVision® Enterprise, which helps clinicians make life-saving decisions,” says Woodstock Hospital CFO, Kathy Lavelle. “We’re saving $437,500 every year in staffing, offsite scanning, and office supply costs, and efficiency throughout the Hospital has greatly improved.” 

Woodstock Hospital and Polar Imaging built on the success of PaperVision® Enterprise with the implementation of ClinicalConnect, a solution that allows hospitals across Southwestern Ontario connected through ClinicalConnect to securely share information. 

About Polar Imaging
Polar Imaging provides organizations with only the best document management solutions, scanning, equipment, and professional services in the industry. We do this to help strengthen our communities and our economy.

Our aim is to educate businesses on document management and imaging and to show them how to reach their overall business goals using innovative business technologies.

Having the ability to customize our solutions tailored to your specific requirements is something we feel is unique to us. Our solutions are adaptable and address the needs of not just one department, but virtually any department you need a solution for! To learn more visit 

About Woodstock Hospital
Built in November 2011, Woodstock Hospital is a 178 bed, full-service community hospital, providing primary care to a population of 55,000 and specialized care to nearly 110,000 within the County of Oxford. The new facility offers a wide range of health programs including Maternal Child, Women’s Health, Specialized Surgical Services, Inpatient and Outpatient Mental Health Services, Dialysis and Rehabilitation Programs, a Systemic Therapy Program and an MRI. Our full-service facility works closely with our community partners to provide our patients with health care services, close to home. 

About Nucleus Research
Nucleus Research is a global provider of investigative, case-based technology research and advisory services. The company’s ROI-focused research approach provides unique insight into the actual results technology solutions deliver, allowing organizations to cut through marketing hype to understand real operational value and select or renew the best technology solution for their environment. For more information, visit To learn more about the Nucleus Research ROI Awards visit

For media inquiries contact:
Alexandru Ion
Associate Business Development Manager, Polar Imaging

Written by Nicole Laidler From SpilledInk 


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