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Polar Imaging encourages businesses fighting to process too much paper, to “manage your business, not your mail”.

London, ON February 15, 2013 – As more and more companies continue to struggle with vast amounts of incoming documents, Polar Imaging sets its sights on alleviating the stress and costs of inefficient mailroom processes with its new offering: Mailroom Automation Services

This new service will be especially beneficial to accounts payable departments, as the burden and cost of managing traditional methods of processing mail grows exponentially every year. The new mailroom service was designed to alleviate those burdens and Polar Imaging fully intends to deliver on its promise.

It’s a simple process: Mail is managed from a dedicated, secure PO Box set up for a business and once the mail is received, Polar Imaging’s specialized document management team opens, sorts and prepares the documents for scanning. After documents are scanned, they’re indexed according to the business’s specifications, and then distributed to the various departments and personnel intended to receive them. And this is not limited to just paper mail either; Companies can have incoming electronic invoices, redirected to a dedicated email that Polar Imaging manages, allowing us the ability to index the electronic mail and route documents through a workflow. This is all done without the company’s employees lifting a finger!

The benefits don’t stop at just cutting costs either; there are many reasons for companies to choose to convert to digital mailroom processing. Polar Imaging’s service will reduce the decision cycle by immediately notifying the designated person that there is a document waiting for review. It also facilitates the coordination of multiple staff activities surrounding the same document. Equipped with data tracking, administrators can see exactly who has viewed and responded to a document through comprehensive audit trails. Companies need not worry about security either; the entire process is 100% secure and allows companies to ensure its own security and compliance.

Companies are able to improve their relationships with customers and vendors by responding to incoming invoices and inquiries at a faster pace. Not only will the business save money on paper costs and time to process incoming mail, they will also be able to avoid late payment fees and capture early payment discounts.

Polar Imaging’s Mailroom Services is complimented with its powerful workflow automation, allowing businesses to route any document to anywhere in the world, at any time of day. By streamlining business processes such as mailroom operations, companies can experience the great benefits mentioned above and more. In fact, studies have shown that businesses engaged in document automation experience, on average, a return on investment in less than 18 months! –AIIM, 2011.

For Polar Imaging, this means being able to offer its clients even more. “We’re a company that excels in offering document management services. We help our clients streamline their business processes in order to reduce their operating costs and improve their productivity and the overall relationships with their own customers. We recognize that within the culture of business today, workers expect everything to be electronic; they expect processes to be automated and they expect it to be simple. Offering a mailroom solution as a service was the natural progression for Polar Imaging. When it comes to incoming mail, clients can sit back and let us do the heavily lifting”. – Steve Todd, Director of Business Development, Polar Imaging.

About Polar Imaging Inc. With over 30 years’ experience, Polar Imaging is a leader in document management and scanning, delivering a broad spectrum of electronic content management solutions, fully customized to fit the needs of its customers. Polar Imaging also specializes in cloud backup and recovery, unlike any other provider in the region. Its unique services offer a customer experience that surpasses all others.

Core products and services: Document Management Services, Electronic Content Management (ECM) Solutions, Business Workflow Automation, Mailroom Services, Cloud Backup and Recovery, Software as a Service (SaaS), Microfilm Equipment and Services, High-Volume Document Scanning, Professional Services.

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