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What does the process look like before the ClinicalConnect integration?

Recently, we posted a press release that talked about our new integration with ClincialConnect, outlining what it consisted of and its benefits. In this blog, we want to go over what the digitization process looks like before the files are imported into ClinicalConnect. 

We understand that not every hospital or clinic uses ClinicalConnect to the same extent, however we want to ensure that everyone is aware of the benefits of digitization and what that process looks like. 

Having worked with some big hospitals and many clinics over the years, we have perfected the digitization process and have helped streamline it in many various situations. When healthcare professionals require a patient file, it can be a time consuming and tedious process retrieving that document when it is in paper format. Digitizing those documents helps save time and allows healthcare providers to have all the information necessary when helping their patients. 

Most healthcare facilities implement “workstations” where they scan documents on a daily basis, and then outsource their backlog of files in order to get all caught up on their digitization. These workstations consist of scanners and capture software, where files are indexed, checked over and imported into a document management system. To ease with indexing, many hospitals incorporate barcodes on their forms that contain all of the documents information, so the employees in charge of those health records don’t have to input all of the information manually. When scanning the documents, the capture software is trained to read the barcode and extract all of the information from there. The person scanning the records simply double checks the accuracy of the batch they are scanning and approves the import into the document management system. Our document management system also integrates with applications like Cerner where with the click of a hotkey, the patient file in question is loaded. 

The scanning process itself is streamlined and straightforward. The amount of time invested in scanning, will save far more time when retrieving digital records. The ClinicalConnect integration takes this process to the next level by connecting these patient files with healthcare providers across the province. It is extremely helpful and saves a lot of resources for patients who are seen at different hospitals and clinics for various reasons and treatments. 

To read our full press release about our ClinicalConnect integration, click here!

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