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Over the past few months, the world has been through something like never before. With the rapid changes that COVID-19 brought upon the way companies conduct business, many realized that they were not fully prepared to handle the new challenges. In the process of adapting to working remotely and not being able to have access to their physical office, many businesses found themselves tied down by paper files that are inaccessible and mail that they couldn’t get like before. This has incentivized the need to switch to a digital office which brought upon the challenge of converting existing paper into a digital file.

Additionally this has brought up the need for new paper files to be digitized on an on-going basis. This applies to incoming mail as well. Many companies receive mail on a daily basis that needs to be distributed to the appropriate employees to keep the business going. With COVID-19 shutting down many offices and employees working remotely, this created a problem. Without anyone being in the office to distribute the mail, this slowed down business and potentially stopped the cash flow of the business. 

Now with business re-opening, there are companies looking at preventing this sort of issue in the future. The solution to the mail problem is having a Mail Scanning Service. Taking advantage of this means that all mail is directed to a centralized location (such as Polar Imaging) where mail is scanned daily, digitized and routed accordingly, eliminating the use of paper mail in the office. Your employees will receive any incoming mail anywhere they are located on a daily basis. This is a solution that increases productivity and efficiency when the business is operating normally but it is also fail proof when business operations have to be altered suddenly. 

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