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Polar Imaging document securityHave you thought about how a natural disaster could affect your files?

For a significant amount of people, it is not a thought that crosses their mind. While Canada does not have volcanoes or very bad earthquakes, natural disasters still occur, unfortunately. When they do happen to occur, it is very important to have electronic copies of all your files and have all your data backed up. If a paper file is the only copy of a document and something happens to it, it could be disastrous.

Canada experiences the most number of tornadoes in the world after the United States. Tornadoes can be very devastating if they happen to hit your building. Having insurance can help pay for the damages, but it will not be able to recover destroyed files. Aside from tornados, Canada also experiences wildfires, floods and severe winter storms all of which can be very damaging. Although it is not something people think about frequently, it is very important to make sure the proper precautions are put into place to avoid tremendous losses if a natural disaster does happen to occur.


So how do you protect yourself from a natural disaster?

It’s actually pretty simple: all you have to do is digitize your files and backup your data. Digitizing your files is the first step in ensuring you’re protected in case of an emergency. Digitizing your files not only ensures they’re safe but it also makes them easier to access on a daily basis, making your life easier and more efficient. Most people get rid of the paper copies of their documents after digitizing them. If you choose to keep the paper copies, the digital versions will be a great backup in case of an emergency.

The second step to protecting yourself is backing up all of your data. This means your data is stored on a secure cloud storage and it is automatically updated on a frequent basis. If  anything were to happen to your data, you’d have the backups that you are able to recover and ensure you don’t lose anything. This way, if a natural disaster does happen and it destroys your servers and your papers, you are protected by having all of your files digitized and backed up. Nothing will be able to take that data away from you.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry

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