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RPA, BPA and IA – What is it all about?

The terms RPA, BPA and IA are quite a hot topic at the moment. With everyone talking about them, it can be quite hard to keep up if you don’t fully understand what they mean. To your surprise, you might actually be aware of what they mean, you might just know them...

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12 Benefits of AP Automation

If you have been considering automating any of your Accounts Payable processes, here are 12 benefits of doing so: 1. No more opening and sorting mail Use our mailroom services to eliminate the tedious process of opening and sorting mail. Electronic invoices are...

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7 Reasons to Outsource Your Document Scanning

Often times when you hear of document scanning services you probably think “we can do that ourselves.” In theory it does sound simple. You probably already have some type of scanning equipment, so how hard can it be? Here is a look at our scanning process and why you...

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