Streamline Accounts Payable Processes

Gone are the days of lost invoices, interest charges, and late payment penalties

How would you like to better manage paper-based records and automate your tedious, manual processes?

By automating your accounts payable, you can shorten process times, improve document control & maximize vendor discounts. Whether you’re looking to automate only a couple of labour-intensive processes or your entire AP process, we can provide a solution that meets your needs and integrate with your current accounting applications.

Accounts Payable Automation, simplified

Invoice Capture

Supplier invoices are either captured internally or processed by our AP solutions team via PI’s Mailroom Services. Once captured, invoice data is extracted. Extracted data could include items such as invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, PO number, taxes, due date, etc.

Invoice Data Verification

Invoice data is verified with the highest level of data accuracy possible and then uploaded to our automation platform powered by Vision360 Enterprise: a complete 360 degree view of all invoices from various touch points, anywhere in the world as invoices flow through your AP process.

Invoice Routing

Based on your specific invoice processing rules, supplier invoices are automatically routed for review and approved by the appropriate staff member. If an invoice exceeds a user’s approval limit then that invoice is escalated up to the next authorized approver.

Invoice Coding

GL coding is applied through the workflow process. Coding is simplified as each invoice passes through a set of validation rules to ensure coding is correct. Auto-coding templates can be applied which further enhance the process by eliminating the need for anyone to manually code an invoice.

ERP Integration

Vendor and invoice data are systematically delivered and synchronized with your ERP system (SAP, Oracle, JDE, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Infor, Dynamics GP, QAD, Sage and more)  providing full end-to-end process automation. By connecting the accounts payable process with your ERP system this eliminates the need for AP Staff to manually enter invoices into the accounting system further leveraging your ERP investment and maximizing your return on investment.

Archive & Reporting

Supplier invoices are instantly available at any computer for immediate access and review by authorized users. No need to file or store paper because invoices are only a mouse click away! Dashboard and reporting capabilities provides complete visibility to every single invoice. This allows users to access the information they need to analyze key performance indicators and invoice progress to watch for problems before they occur.

Our Accounts Payable solutions are compatible with:

Partnering with Polar Imaging takes the burden off the implementation process because you’re leveraging our knowledge and expertise.

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