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How is your Electronic Health Record (EHR) conversion going? Could it use some TLC? As a medical professional, being urged to transfer to an EHR system is nothing new. Moving records into this format can be somewhat of a headache, but not doing so and failing to meet...

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Document Management in HR Has Great Benefits!

Why should Human Resources departments bother implementing a document management system? Below, are 10 reasons why it’s a good idea to switch out paper-based processes to electronic form. 1. Easy to implement and manage The process of a DMS is simple: Paper documents...

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Manage Information Chaos with this eBook from AIIM

How are you managing the information in your organization? Are you managing it at all? We’re bombarded with information every day: critical business documents, emails, videos, social content, customer databases, texts, voicemails, images etc. Someone in your...

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